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Mormon News, April 11–15

The Salt Lake Tribune published extensive reporting this week detailing alleged sexual assault at BYU. Some of the victims say that after they reported a sex crime, they were targeted by the Honor Code office for violations ranging from...

Mormon News, August 10–14

A recent speech by Michael Otterson at the FairMormon conference shed light on how the LDS Church Public Affairs department works. Otterson, head of the department, insisted all statements have the approval of the highest church authorities and that...

Mormon News, April 13–17

A Mormon couple in a mixed orientation marriage were upset to learn that their names were included on a "friends of the court" brief asking the US Supreme Court to rule against gay marriage. LDS apostle D. Todd Christofferson...

Mormon News, January 12—16

John Dehlin, host of the popular “Mormon Stories” podcast, has been summoned to a church court on January 25th for encouraging people to air grievances with some church doctrines and policies. In speaking with his stake president, he says,...

The Year in Review, January 3, 2015

For those who follow Mormon studies and Mormon culture, it may not be an exaggeration to say that 2014 will stand out as a deeply significant year for these reasons ...

Mormon News, March 3–7

Kate Kelly, John Dehlin
March 3-7, 2014 In the News TIMES FEATURES IN-DEPTH ARTICLES ON MORMON WOMEN The New York Times featured a lengthy profile of Mormon women in the 21st century. It received widespread attention and widespread acclaim from most online Mormon...

Mormon News, February 24–28

Emmit Till
February 23–28, 2014 LDS CHURCH POSTS ESSAY ON GODHOOD The LDS Church posted another “Topics” essay to its website, this time focusing on the long-held LDS teaching that man is God in embryo. Although much of the essay focuses...

Week in Review for October 28–November 1

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The New York Times ran a story on Navajo reservation converts to Mormonism. The article briefly addresses the complicated past of Mormonism and Native Americans over the ongoing tension with Book of Mormon interpretations.

Week In Review for October 14–18

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In the News Also in political news, a Mormon Tea Party member from Idaho has come under fire after decrying government spending while having ten of his own children covered by Medicaid. Greg Collett then went on to defend...

Significant Textual Changes in the Book of Mormon

Significant BoM
As the Book of Mormon went to press in 1830, the typesetter made grammatical corrections as he proofread the printed sheets. Rather than starting over, he simply placed the corrected sheets on top of the stack waiting to be...