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Week in Review for October 28–November 1

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The New York Times ran a story on Navajo reservation converts to Mormonism. The article briefly addresses the complicated past of Mormonism and Native Americans over the ongoing tension with Book of Mormon interpretations.

Significant Textual Changes in the Book of Mormon

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As the Book of Mormon went to press in 1830, the typesetter made grammatical corrections as he proofread the printed sheets. Rather than starting over, he simply placed the corrected sheets on top of the stack waiting to be...

review – An Imperfect Book: What the Book of Mormon Tells Us about Itself

What the Book of Mormon Tells Us About Itself
John Whitmer Historical Association Journal, William Morain Reading this book brought to mind that old Swiss adage, “If you see something on top of the Matterhorn with all the characteristics of an elephant, you don’t ask what it is...