Edge of the Reservoir

Out of Print

A Novel

by Larry E. Morris
Paperback / 240 pages / 0-941214-66-4 / $7.95

The Edge of the ReservoirRyan Masterson, fast approaching middle-age, is frustrated with life. He loves nature but is condemned to live in the city. He is an artist forced to work at an advertising agency. And he is surrounded on all sides by enigmatic Mormons. When his only friend, Miles, a co-worker, is encouraged to leave their office, Ryan feels stranded, a solitary human being adrift in a sea of optimistic Mormons. The Edge of the Reservoir is a powerful, contemporary first novel—a story of modern life set in Salt Lake City and Idaho Falls.

Larry E. Morris is the author of The Fate of the Corps: What Became of the Lewis and Clark Explorers after the Expedition, published by Yale University Press. He is the recipient of the Cracroft-Lambert Fiction Contest at Brigham Young University and other honors.