The Gathering Place

Out of Print

An Illustrated History of Salt Lake City

by John S. McCormick
Rod Decker, foreword
Hardback / 250 pages / 1-56085-132-5

An Illustrated History of Salt Lake CityA coffee table edition with more than 130 historic photographs and the stories behind them, including an ever-present theme of tension between church and state. The author writes: “The LDS temple and the City and County Building were finished nearly simultaneously, the first in 1893 and the second a year later … One is clearly a sacred structure, soaring and aspiring, the other a public one, solidly rooted in this world. One invites entrance, the other conveys a sealing off. The City and County Building’s clock tower orients the building and its business in human time and the world of the everyday, while the temple’s guardian angel Moroni orients it and its doings to God’s time. The two buildings comprise an opposition, each sharply diverging from the other. Each is a temple, but one is a temple of the sacred, the other a temple of the secular. Each governs, but one governs within a theology, the other within a politics, and life in Salt Lake City at the turn of the century could not fail to take account of that dialectic, which spun out its logic continually.”

John S. McCormickJohn S. McCormick is the author of The Historic Buildings of Downtown Salt Lake City, co-author of Discovering Utah, co-editor of A World We Thought We Knew: Readings in Utah History, and a contributor to Differing Visions: Dissenters in Mormon History.