The Marketing of Sister B

Out of Print

by Linda Hoffman Kimball
Paperback / 160 pages / 1-56085-163-5 / $14.95

The Marketing of Sister BAll Donna Brooks wanted was to make something special for Relief Society. Little did she know when she reached for her wooden spoon and plugged in her crock pot that morning, she would throw herself and her family into an emotional pressure cooker and become an instant, national celebrity.
This outrageously funny tale follows an LDS mother through an overnight start-up success and through the labyrinth of that most mysterious of institutions, the ward Relief Society. Wafting through this affectionate frolic are some serious questions. Who defines us? What constitutes our identity? What is authentic and what is, well, marketing?

Homemaking never went this far!

Linda Hoffman Kimball Linda Hoffman Kimball (M.F.A., Boston University), is the author of Home to Roost, illustrator of Birds of Algonquin Legend, editor of Saints Well Seasoned: Musings on How Food Nourishes Us—Body, Heart, and Soul, and a columnist for the internet site devoted to religion, She lives with her husband and three children in Evanston, Illinois, where she is a proud member of the North Shore First Ward Relief Society.