The Owl on the Aerial

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Poems and Diaries of Clarice Short

Barbara J. Duree, editor
Emma Lou Thayne, introduction
Hardback / 184 pages / 1-56085-016-7 / $14.95

Poems and Diaries of Clarice ShortBarbara Duree’s portrait of Clarice Short reveals the life behind the poems. To be allowed into that life through the poet’s diaries is to be privy to the dry wit, the informed intelligence, the determination and fear, the poignant love of a legendary teacher, writer, scholar, traveler, a woman of the land and its creatures.

Clarice Short Clarice Short taught at the University of Utah for thirty years. On her retirement the Salt Lake City Tribune called her “a Victorian who was also a crack marksman, fly fisherman, and elk hunter,” who “wooed her students with charismatic stories about her life.” The Clarice E. Short Memorial Fund for Teaching Excellence continues at the university. She wrote The Old One and the Wind.

Barbara J. Duree, one of Short’s students, was an editor (now retired) at the American Library Association’s Booklist.

Emma Lou Thayne is the author of Things Happen, How Much for the Earth? and several other books. She lives in Salt Lake City.