Parallel Book of Mormon

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The 1830, 1837, and 1840 Editions

Curt Bench, introduction
Hardback / 664 pages / 978-1-56085-203-2 / $75.00

The 1830, 1837, and 1840 EditionsThree editions of the Book of Mormon appeared during Joseph Smith’s lifetime: the 1830 version published in Palmyra, New York; the 1837 edition published in Kirtland, Ohio; and the 1840 version published in Nauvoo, Illinois. The printing of each of these was supervised by Joseph Smith, who made and authorized corrections and improvements to the text of each.

In the current publication, the text of all three is reproduced in parallel-column format for comparison, allowing readers to see where corrections and other changes were made during the book’s first decade. This is the first time the three editions have been presented in this format. The text is unchanged from the originals, the eccentricities retained but nevertheless re-typeset for ease in reading and comparing.

Curt BenchCurt Bench is a graduate of Brigham Young University; for the past twenty years he has been the proprietor of Benchmark Books of Salt Lake City, the premier outlet for Mormoniana—significant, rare, and hard-to-find volumes dealing with Mormonism. He is a member of Utah Westerners, which is composed of historians and history buffs who meet once a month to discuss history and travel to historic sites, Prior to opening his own store, he managed the Cottonwood branch of Deseret Book and the Deseret rare book department at its flagship downtown Salt Lake City store. He has given many presentations at the Mormon History Association meetings, Sunstone symposia, and elsewhere. He is the publisher of The First Book of Mormon: A Celebration of the 1830 Book of Mormon with an Original Leaf and other fine-press leather books in limited editions.