The Pictograph Murders

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by P. G. Karamesines
Paperback / 385 pages / 1-56085-182-1 / $21.95

The Pictograph Murders


Alex McKelvey longs to fit in. She doesn’t realize that her earth-mother style—the connections she feels toward the earth and to a certain eerie pictograph panel—sets her off from the crowd. Wanting only to enjoy the beauty of the Utah desert, she packs up her gear and her Siberian husky, Kit, and joins an archaeological dig. But when the site’s owner vanishes, forces combine to sweep up Alex and Kit in a whirlwind of pot hunting, witchcraft, and murder. Who is that stranger who suddenly appears, styling himself on the folklore figure Coyote? His ability to draw the best—and the worst—from Alex leads her to the dismaying discovery that the villain she seeks is closer at hand than she had thought.

 P. G. KaramesinesP. G. Karamesines lives and writes in southeastern Utah. She has won several literary awards from Brigham Young University, the University of Arizona, the Utah Arts Council, and the Utah Wilderness Association. Her M.A. is from BYU (creative writing), and she has pursued post-graduate studies in folklore and linguistics at the University of Arizona. She has published in literary journals and popular magazines locally and nationally. Three of her poems were published in the anthology, Harvest. This is her first novel. A sequel, Loon Woman, is in preparation.