The Search for Harmony

Out of Print

Essays on Science and Mormonism

Gene A. Sessions and Craig J. Oberg, editors

The Search for HarmonyIf life began at the molecular level and evolved, how do we account for Adam and Eve? While the LDS church avoids official pronouncements on science, Mormon leaders have periodically spoken on scientific theories, and their positions have run from implicit acceptance to outright rejection.

The theological implications of science range from probability of prophecy in quantum mechanics to determining parenthood for genetically engineered organisms. Mormonism teaches that God is subject to natural laws and that humans can similarly learn to create and nurture. In light of such an optimistic world view, LDS scientists attempt in this anthology to harmonize current research with church teachings.

Gene A. Sessions and Craig J. Oberg are professors at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah, in history and microbiology. Sessions is author of Mormon Thunder: A Documentary History of Jedediah Morgan Grant.