The Word of God

Out of Print

Essays on Mormon Scripture

Dan Vogel, editor

The Word of GodBringing together fifteen timely and thought-provoking discussions of Mormon canon, The Word of God asks to what extent scripture is historical and infallible and what it tells us about the nature of revelation. Among the selections are the following essays:

“The Translation of the Book of Mormon” by James Lancaster; “Early Nineteenth-Century America and the Book of Mormon” by Susan Curtis; “The Mormon Christianizing of the Old Testament” by Melodie Moench Charles; “Isaiah Updated” by George D. Smith; “The Joseph Smith Translation and Ancient Texts of the Bible” by Kevin L. Barney; “Latter Day Saint Scriptures and the Doctrine of Propositional Revelation” by Richard P. Howard; “A Reinterpretation of Inspiration, Revelation, and Scripture” by Geoffrey F. Spencer; “Beyond Literalism” by William D. Russell; “Reducing Dissonance: The Book of Abraham as a Case Study” by Edward H. Ashment; “Joseph Smith’s Scriptural Cosmology” by Dan Vogel and Brent Lee Metcalfe

“In gathering essays for The Word of God,” explains Dan Vogel, “I have not attempted to resolve competing, even contradictory, approaches, believing instead that readers will discover for themselves the strengths and weaknesses of differing views. After all, this is the challenge of both faith and scholarship. I simply hope to leave readers with a heightened understanding of how various aspects of Mormon

Dan VogelDan Vogel is the editor of Early Mormon Documents, a five-volume series that won Best Documentary awards from both the Mormon History Association and the John Whitmer Historical Association. He is the editor of The Word of God: Essays on Mormon Scripture; author of Indian Origins and the Book of Mormon; Joseph Smith: The Making of a Prophet and Religious Seekers and the Advent of Mormonism; and co-editor of American Apocrypha: Essays on the Book of Mormon. He is also a contributor to The Prophet Puzzle: Interpretive Essays on Joseph Smith and Differing Visions: Dissenters in Mormon History, among others. He has presented research papers at the annual Mormon History Association meetings, Sunstone Theological Symposium, and similar conferences. He is currently preparing a definitive edition of Joseph Smith’s multi-volume History of the Church. He and his wife live in Westerville, Ohio.