Treasures of Half-Truth

Out of Print

by Pat Bagley
Paperback / 96 pages / 0-941214-47-8 / $5.95

Treasures of Half-TruthTreasures of Half-Truth is one of the most hilarious books to come out of Utah. Of course, there will be those few who turn up their noses at Bagley and his bag of jokes. But don’t worry, he’ll get you in the end. This spritely collection is a light-hearted look at Mormon foibles, faith, and folklore. There are many bright moments, indeed.

Pat BagleyPat Bagley was born in Salt Lake City, where he still resides—as the Salt Lake Tribune editorial cartoonist. His work has appeared in the National Review, Time magazine, the Washington Post, and Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year. His many books include “Oh My Heck!”. The father of two, he says he is especially well loved by dogs and small children.