Trevor Southey: Reconciliation

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Hardback. 204 Pages (115 color plates).
1-56085-091-4 / $80.00

Trevor SoutheyTrevor Southey is a man who has risked much in putting into practice his personal and artistic vision of life. This thoughtful memoir is neither laudation nor apologia. Instead, Southey gives insight into his art by recollecting his life’s journey up to this point. Regardless of one’s ultimate judgement of his life or art, one must marvel at the candor of Trevor Southey in an age of evasion and fault deflection.

This volume (12″ x 13¼”) looks back on an admirable body of work, it equally anticipates works of art yet to come in a distinguished career. The ideas in Southey’s works emerge from within, just as their thematic material results from the interplay of the external elements of his life and the internal workings of his spirit. The primordial men and women of his work inhabit neither past nor present. They remind us that even though humanity may think it has momentarily lost possession of its soul, the soul’s beauty remains. Southey’s idealized beings aim to transform humanity’s future by challenging viewers to rediscover themselves.

Trevor SoutheyTrevor Southey (shown here with his son, Kevin, at the Louvre) was born in Rhodesia, studied in England and South Africa, and received an MFA from Brigham Young University where he served on the faculty for many years. He has done commissioned work for American Express, University of Utah Medical Center, St. Patrick Hospital (Missoula, Montana), and the Salt Lake International Airport, to name a few. In addition, his works appears in museums in Zimbabwe, New Orleans, London, and throughout Utah. The co-author of this book, K. Mitchell Snow, is an art critic and contributing editor forAméricas and correspondent for Art Nexus; he is the author of Dancing the Marvelously Real.