Utah and All That Jazz

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by Calvin Grhondahl
Paperback /104 pages / 0-941214-86-9 / $6.95

Utah and All That JazzWelcome to the surreal world of best selling cartoonist Cal Grondahl. Through his R. Crumm-like visions, he introduces us to the state’s “Anti-Pleasure Patrol” and its motto, “To Protect You From Yourself”; through hyperopic images we witness latter-day gulls attacking hordes of Utah deer hunters; we visit “Park City, Colorado,” which boasts the least cultural ties to the Beehive State; we see the first structure built in the Salt Lake Valley in 1847–a pioneer basketball court to proselyte Indians; and we find out why some Utahns insist on leaving to “escape extreme sensory deprivation.” Once again Grondahl successfully lampoons America’s favorite twilight zone–that stretch of emptiness between Nevada and Colorado.

Calvin Grondahl Calvin Grondahl is the editorial cartoonist for the Standard Examiner in Ogden, Utah. He is the author of Faith Promoting Rumors, Freeway to Perfection, Sunday’s Foyer, Utah and All That Jazz, and Utah: Sex and Travel Guide, as well as the illustrator of Saintspeak: The Mormon Dictionary and Music and the Broken Word: Songs for Alternate Voices. His first employment after graduating from Brigham Young University (and the campus Daily Universe) was with the LDS church-owned Deseret News, where he stayed for several years before landing his spot with the Examiner.