Utah in the 1990s

Out of Print

A Demographic Perspective

Tim B. Heaton
Thomas A. Hirschl
Bruce A Chadwick, editors
Paperback / 304 pages / 1-56085-021-3

Utah DemographicsAs the “land of milk and home-baked cookies,” Utah might be expected to have high rates of marriage and fertility. That the divorce rate is higher than the national average is just one of the surprising facts documented in Utah in the 1990s. Other examples include the comparatively low participation of Utah fathers in raising their children and the fact that the beehive state has the lowest per-pupil expenditure for public education in the country. There are other noteworthy issues—some significant, others whimsical. For instance, Utahns drink half as much coffee as the average American and consume twice as many marshmallows. From the profound to the humorous, this sociological resource book provides bedrock data for policy-makers and historians.

Tim B. Heaton is a Professor of Sociology at Brigham Young University and co-editor of the journal, Family Perspective. He is the co-author of Contemporary Mormonism: Social Science Perspectives; Statistical Handbook on Adolescents in America; and Working Women: Comparative Perspectives in Developing Areas.

Thomas A. Hirschl is a Professor of Sociology at Cornell University and co-editor of Cutting Edge: Technology, Information, Capitalism, and Social Revolution. He is a contributor to Homelessness in the United States and is co-editor of the journal, Population and Development.

Bruce A. Chadwick is a Professor of Sociology and director of the Center for Studies of the Family at Brigham Young University. He is the co-author of American Ethnicity; Middletown Families; and Social Psychology and a contributor to Native Americans Today and Latter-day Saints in Profile.