Utah: Sex and Travel Guide

Out of Print

Sex and Travel Guide

by Calvin Grondahl

Paperback / 96 pages / 1-56085-041-8

UtahCalvin Grondahl lampoons family life in the 1990s in ninety-four cartoons. He parodies mothers in business suits juggling day planners, cellular phones, groceries, and all-terrain strollers; droopy-pants teenagers cruising the mall; and men, er—couch potatoes—with an eye on the tube and one on their computer as they download “images.” Is this California? No, it’s the beehive state coming of age—the Proterozoic Age, no doubt, or thereabouts. Funny—often outrageous, this is Grondahl at his best.

Calvin GrondahlCalvin Grondahl is the editorial cartoonist for the Ogden Standard Examiner. He is the author of Faith Promoting Rumors, Freeway to Perfection, Marketing Precedes the Miracle, Sunday’s Foyer, and Utah and All That Jazz, and illustrator for Saintspeak: The Mormon Dictionary and Music and the Broken Word: Songs for Alternate Voices. As a student at BYU he drew for the Daily Universe, then for the Salt Lake City Deseret News before landing his current spot with the Examiner.