Out of Print

and Other Stories

by Michael Fillerup
Paperback / 214 pages / 0-941214-91-5 / $9.95

Visions and Other StoriesMichael Fillerup writes about contemporary life on the borders of civilization. In his prize-winning stories a middle-aged woman tries to explain to incredulous family and friends why she has decided to undergo a complete body make-over; a harried academic cautiously juggles professional responsibilities with domestic obligations; and two missionaries, called to preach Christianity, find themselves repairing broken pick-ups instead.

One of the West’s most refreshing new writers, Michael Fillerup addresses the dilemmas confronting women and men in a conservative environment, the ambivalent interactions between Anglos and American Indians, and the alienation of religious feeling in the face of institutional sentimentality. Each of Fillerup’s prize-winning stories features the voice of idealistic people struggling with the harsh realities of the real world.

Michael FillerupMichael Fillerup is the author of Beyond the River: A Novel and a contributor to Bright Angels and Familiars: Contemporary Mormon Stories and Christmas for the World. His stories have also appeared in the New Times and elsewhere. He is the bilingual supervisor of the Flagstaff, Arizona, public schools.