What’s a Mother to Do?

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by Ann Edwards Cannon
Paperback / 170 pages / 1-56085-095-7

What's a Mother to Do?Being a mother may not seem that amusing to, well, mothers. But the way Ann Edwards Cannon tells it—drawing on real-life experiences that will remind readers of their own most embarrassing family moments—parenting can be as entertaining as any situational comedy. Like when her kids forgot to tell her about the police officers waiting for her in the front room … or when her youngest refused her collect call home! But looking in the mirror, she has decided that we probably pass on our goofiest genes to our kids

Ann Edwards Cannon Ann Edwards Cannon is the author of seven books, two of which—Amazing Gracie and The Shadow Brothers—were named Best Young Adult Book of the Year by the American Library Association. She is a columnist for the Deseret News and writes for Exponent II and This People. She is the daughter of Wyoming rodeo queen Patti Louise Covey and Utah State University linebacker LaVell Edwards—which may explain a lot. She and her baseball-historian husband, Ken, live in Salt Lake City and have five sons. She despairs at being able to master essential mothering skills and worries that her children suffer. Because, as she says tongue-in-cheek, we pass on our goofiest genes to our kids.