Wilford Woodruff’s Journal

Out of Print

1833-1898 Typescript

Scott Kenney, editor
Hardback / 9 Volumes / 5,362 Pages. / 0-941214-13-3 / $400.00

Wilford WoodruffConverted in 1833, Wilford Woodruff participated in virtually every phase of nineteenth-century Mormonism, recording the sermons of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young and taking notes on casual conversations. He also noted the routine of pioneer life and preserved various missionary experiences, along with minutes of meetings of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and First Presidency. He became the church’’s presiding authority in 1887, and his 1890 Manifesto called for an end to Mormon polygamy. Woodruff thought of his diaries as “my journals of the history of the church” and stipulated that his sons should publish them. Through the cooperation of the Wilford Woodruff Family Association, the journals are available to the public for the first time through this series.

Scott G. KenneyScott G. Kenney studied music at the University of Utah and theology at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley. He has played cello in the Utah Symphony Orchestra; he is one of the founders of Sunstone magazine and founding publisher of Signature Books. He is the editor of Memories and Reflections.