Women’s Rights in Old Testament Times

Out of Print

by James R. Baker

Women's Rights in Old Testament Times

“James Baker’s impressive work, Women’s Rights in Old Testament Times, carries forward a method of finding law, not clearly flagged as such, in the narrative accounts of daily events in the lives of leading Old Testament men and women. Baker shows that their dealings with one another were played out according to the settled expectations of the prevailing legal customs and norms in force generally among people of the fertile crescent. The narrative accounts of these events, as Baker demonstrates, portray much more than matters containing only religious significance. Throughout in this informative and fascinating work, the stories of the great women of the Old Testament come alive in a way they never have before.” —Douglas H. Parker, Professor of Law Emeritus, J. Reuben Clark Law School, Brigham Young University

James Baker is a Salt Lake City attorney and freelance writer who has studied at Brigham Young University, York University, and Hebrew University