Working the Divine Miracle

Out of Print

The Life of Apostle Henry D. Moyle

by Richard D. Poll
Stan Larson, editor
Hardback / 260 pages / 1-56085-129-5

Working the Divine MiracleReflecting the optimism of his time, Henry D. Moyle (1889-1963), of the LDS First Presidency, spearheaded a bigger-is-better construction program that, for instance, conceived a Church Office Building twice its existing twenty-eight stories. His big ideas proved unfeasible and pushed the Church toward bankruptcy, forcing President David O. McKay to relieve Moyle of all administrative responsibilities.

Readers are treated to a comprehensive view of Elder Moyle’s life and understanding of his times. The Church leader appreciated opera and was a fan of professional boxing. He sat on the corporate boards of Consolidated Freightways and Phillips Petroleum. He was uninterested in the finer points of theology, in favor of broad ethical concerns. He had a “bulldog tenacity” and “deep-seated spirituality,” and these were not in conflict, writes his biographer.

Richard D. Poll, Ph.D., University of California Berkeley, was a Professor of History at Brigham Young University (1948-70) and later vice president of Western Illinois University. He wrote History & Faith: Reflections of a Mormon Historian and co-authored Hugh B. Brown: His Life and Thought. He also co-edited Utah’s History. He died in 1994.