Zion’s Camp

Out of Print

by Rick Everett
Paperback / 96 pages / 1-56085-064-7 / $8.95

Zion's CampBeehive-coifed women, men in fedoras—remember back when everyone looked like Donna Reed or Ozzie Nelson and when camp meant taking the Ford to the mountains? Rick Everett celebrates post-war wholesomeness with historic photographs, each augmented with its own caption that accentuates the photo’s quirky qualities. The book documents that in the 1950s, Utahns had it all—Saltair, Dee Burger clowns, Walt Disney at the drive-in, miniature golf . . . Come to think of it, who could ask for more?”

Rick Everett Rick Everett is a well-known Salt Lake City interior designer and an incurable collector of 1950s ephemera. He says his experiences as a student in Provo, which will be forever caught in a 1950s time warp, are what inspired him to produce this hilarious book.