Cowboy Apostle

Cowboy Apostle:The Diaries of Anthony W. Ivins, 1875- 1932

Anthony W. Ivins was one of the witnesses to the execution of John D. Lee for Lee’s role in the Mountain Meadows Masscre. He was an early Arizona explorer, cowboy, game hunter, politician, stake president of the Mormon colonies in Mexico, Apostle, and member of the LDS first presidency. He performed Mormon plural marriages in Mexico in the 1890s, following the revelation of Wilford Woodruff known as the “Manifesto,” which was supposed to end the practice. Later, however, he helped remove practicing polygamists from church influence. Well-known families such as the Romney’s and Eyrings have roots in the Mexican Colonies in which Ivins held stewardship. Well connected, Ivins married the daughter of a key early southern Utah settler, Erastus Snow, who himself was an apostle. Ivins was also a cousin to Heber J. Grant, who later became the Mormon prophet. Fortunately, Ivins kept a pocket diary and chronicled a significant and generally unknown history for the Latter-day Saints. He was inducted into the Cowboy Hall of fame in 1958.


No Man Knows My Pastries

The Secret (Not Sacred) Recipes of Sister Enid Christensen
"I've been mobbed for a recipe after more than one pot luck," Sister Christensen admits in her preface. It "makes me sad to think there are brethren and sisters who have not discovered the joy of diced Spam casserole."...

In Sacred Loneliness

The Plural Wives of Joseph Smith
The majority of Smith's wives were younger than he, and one-third were between fourteen and twenty years of age. Another third were already married, and some of the husbands served as witnesses at their own wife's polyandrous wedding. In...

Joseph Smith Egyptian Papyri

JS Papyri cover
This project marks the publication of the first, full translation of the so-called Joseph Smith Egyptian papyri translated into English. The papyri were acquired by members of the LDS Church in the 1830s in Kirtland, Ohio, and rediscovered in...

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April 11th, 2014

Mormon News, Week 15, April 7–11

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