Thieves of Summer


Princess Alice is an elephant the children of Utah purchased by donating nickels and dimes to a circus. The girls don’t know this, but her handler takes the mammoth princess out on late-night strolls around the park when the moon is out. What they do know is that the elephant sometimes escapes and goes on a rampage, crashing through front-yard fences and collecting collars of clothesline laundry around her neck, a persistent train of barking dogs following behind. The girls’ father is a police officer who is investigating a boy’s disappearance.

In her last book, Linda Sillitoe draws from her background of writing poems, novels, and true crime. As Peter Rock puts it, “‘The Theives of Summer’ never lets up.”


Amazing Colossal Apostle

Robert M. Price
As children, we were told the stories of Paul as didactic tales meant to keep us reverent and obedient. As adults reading the New Testament, we catch glimpses of a very different kind of disciple—an ascetic hermit whom Tertullian...

In Sacred Loneliness

The Plural Wives of Joseph Smith
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Why I Stay

Why I Stay
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August 29th, 2014

Mormon News, Week 35, August 25–29

In the News LDS WOMEN’S POSTER FEATURES MEN The LDS Church announced a European “Sisters Meeting” to be held in Offenbach am Main, Germany, on September 9. It will broadcast via satellite throughout the continent in 35 languages. However, the advertisements sent out by the church announcing the meeting featured only three speakers, each with an accompanying


August 26th, 2014

Last Novel of Celebrated Utah Author Published Posthumously

Salt Lake City—Signature Books announces the release of the final work of local author and historian, Linda Sillitoe, who passed away in 2010. The Thieves of Summer, a novel, depicts a Mormon family living near Liberty Park in a summer of pre-World War II Salt Lake City. Flynn, the father, is a police detective whose older children swiftly come of age when his son becomes involved with a girl, and his daughter shoplifts her new wardrobe. His younger triplet daughters spend the heat of the summer painfully confined to the yard as their father investigates missing children at nearby Liberty Park. The key suspect? The trainer and caretaker of the park’s prize attraction, a female Asian elephant named Princess...