Natural Born Seer

Natural Born Seer

Like all of God’s prophets, Joseph Smith perceived the divine word largely through the prism of his own experience. It was not necessary for him to convert followers to a new world view. He needed only to tap into powerful undercurrents of popular belief that enabled ordinary people to reach beyond themselves.

Beyond venerating Smith as an inspired prophet or villainizing him as a duplicitous criminal, Van Wagoner’s insights create a delicate balance that humanizes Smith while allowing for the possibility of divinity, reinforcing his belief that “truth can only be strengthened by serious-minded investigation.”


Dream House on Golan Drive

This novel is set in Provo, Utah and New York City during the seventies and eighties, the story encapsulates the normal expectations of a Mormon experience and turns them on their head. The style, too, is innovative in how...

Island Adventures

Island Adventures
Francis (“Frank”) Hammond was not an average Mormon pioneer. After breaking his back working on a whaling ship off the coast of Siberia in 1844, he was set ashore on the island of Maui to heal. While there he...

The Council of Fifty

The Council of Fifty: A Documentary History
The original duties of the Council of Fifty were to help elect Mormon founder Joseph Smith to the presidency of the United States, to scout locations for colonies in Texas and Oregon, and to form the political kingdom of...

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December 1st, 2016

Mormon News, November 28–December 2

In News THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON GOD University of Utah researchers hoping to understand how the brain reacts to religious experiences discovered that Mormon minds react to spiritual stimuli the same way others might respond to love, gambling, sex, drugs, and music. During a series of experiments, nineteen active Mormons were presented with various


November 17th, 2016

Mormon News November 14-18

In News MORMON REPUBLICANS RESPOND TO TRUMP VICTORY Ally Isom, former spokeswoman for Utah Governor Gary Herbert and current director of Family and Community Relations for the LDS Church, announced her intent to leave the Republican Party in response to Donald Trump’s electoral victory. In an open letter to the GOP, the former lifelong Republican