Fresh Courage Take


The twelve essays in this anthology provide a refreshing array of female perspectives, personalities, and circumstances. Along with an introduction by Jamie Zvirzdin, the essays invite readers to recognize and own their personal struggles, gifts, faults, and desires and to accept where they stand on the spectrum of humanity. Fresh Courage Take demonstrates that the road to heaven is not a conveyor belt powered by a checklist of religious obligations, cooked casseroles, and a collection of children. If anything, it is a complex network of interchanges and decisions … including long, often solitary paths.

Authors include Carli Anderson, Rachael Decker Bailey, Erika Ball, Rachel Brown, Karen Critchfield, Ashley Mae Hoiland, Sylvia Lankford, Marcee Monroe, Brooke Stoneman, Camille Strate Fairbanks, Colleen Whitley, and Jamie Zvirzdin.


Mormonism Unvailed

“Despite an obvious bias, Eber D. Howe provided a service to historians the way he gathered eyewitness accounts and primary documents, for which he was never properly recognized. He was the first to publish some of Joseph Smith’s revelations,...

Amazing Colossal Apostle

Robert M. Price
As children, we were told the stories of Paul as didactic tales meant to keep us reverent and obedient. As adults reading the New Testament, we catch glimpses of a very different kind of disciple—an ascetic hermit whom Tertullian...

Development of LDS Temple Worship, 1846-2000:

Devery Anderson
Award-winning researcher and writer Devery S. Anderson has brought together in this volume a comprehensive collection of documents relating to Mormon temple worship. These are official communications, most of them never before presented to the general public, limited only...

Latest News

August 28th, 2015

Mormon News, August 24–28

When the Boy Scouts of America voted to allow gay men to be scout leaders, the LDS Church strongly hinted it would leave the organization. But in a statement released this week, the church said it would remain a part of the BSA—for now. The church also made it clear it would utilize the Boy Scouts’ leniency that allows sponsors to select leaders “according to their religious and moral values.” The news settles a frenzy of speculation and rumor, including one this week that spread across Facebook insisting the church would leave scouting.


August 21st, 2015

Mormon News, August 17–21

The LDS Church added the presidents of three women’s groups to historically all-male councils this week. Relief Society President Linda Burton, Young Women’s President Bonnie Oscarson, Primary President Rosemary Wixom will be a part of the Priesthood and Family Executive Council, the Missionary Executive Council, and the Temple and Family History Executive Council, respectively. Many women praised the change as an important “step” but said there was more work to be done. Julie Smith said that listening, while important, also reinforces that men listen and then make the decisions independent of women. Blogger Jana Riess celebrated the announcement while noting the “double-speak” in the coverage by church-owned media outlets that want to simultaneously give the church credit for the...