Thieves of Summer


Princess Alice is an elephant the children of Utah purchased by donating nickels and dimes to a circus. The girls don’t know this, but her handler takes the mammoth princess out on late-night strolls around the park when the moon is out. What they do know is that the elephant sometimes escapes and goes on a rampage, crashing through front-yard fences and collecting collars of clothesline laundry around her neck, a persistent train of barking dogs following behind. The girls’ father is a police officer who is investigating a boy’s disappearance.

In her last book, Linda Sillitoe draws from her background of writing poems, novels, and true crime. As Peter Rock puts it, “‘The Theives of Summer’ never lets up.”


An Imperfect Book

What the Book of Mormon Tells Us About Itself
In his own personal quest for answers, “An Imperfect Book” becomes an accessible but thorough overview of major controversies surrounding the Book of Mormon involving authorship, use of idiom, anachronisms, contrived names, borrowed passages, and prophecies made and fulfilled...

In Sacred Loneliness

The Plural Wives of Joseph Smith
The majority of Smith's wives were younger than he, and one-third were between fourteen and twenty years of age. Another third were already married, and some of the husbands served as witnesses at their own wife's polyandrous wedding. In...

An Insider’s View of Mormon Origins

An Insider's View of Mormon Origins
Over the past thirty years, an enormous amount of research has been conducted into Mormon origins—Joseph Smith's early life, the Book of Mormon, the prophet's visions, and the restoration of priesthood authority. Longtime LDS educator Grant H. Palmer suggests...

Latest News

July 18th, 2014

Mormon News, Week 29, July 14–18

Prominent Mormon and successful businessman Jon M. Huntsman Sr. was profiled in the Wall Street Journal a few weeks ago for his charitable giving. Huntsman has given away some 80% of his total wealth, around $1.5 billion dollars. When asked about donations to his church through LDS tithing, Huntsman said, “I don’t consider that to be philanthropy and I don’t consider it to be part of my philanthropic giving.


July 17th, 2014

New Book Traces Nine Defectors from the Original Twelve LDS Apostles

The original church apostles were called as missionaries and, by revelation, were not intended as high leaders in overseeing the church at its Ohio headquarters. Despite their fierce commitment to Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, and the Latter-day Saints, nine of the lost apostles were unable, either temporarily or permanently, to reconcile themselves to polygamy, the trouble with the Church Bank in Kirtland, or church-sponsored violence.